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Fall Career Fair

Quick Tips

  • Students MUST register to participate in the virtual Career Fair.
  • Check frequently as employers are still registering and creating their schedule for the Career Fair
  • Make sure Handshake profile is complete because employers will be reviewing student profiles prior to the Career Fair.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure “community” is checked in privacy settings.
  • Check that the basics are accurate: graduation date, school year, major, GPA and work authorization. 
  • Add your courses, skills, and any previous work experience.
  • Make sure your résumé has been reviewed by the Career Center
  • Upload a current résumé to your Handshake profile.
  • Be sure to “Follow” employers of interest because it will flag the employer.
  • 1:1 are first come, first serve! Sign up for those first and be sure to sign up for the employers group session to prepare for 1:1.
  • Make sure your laptop is charged completely.
  • Check your background before logging into video with employer.
  • Dress like you would if attending in person! Business casual attire.


How does a virtual Career Fair work? Plus sign

Instead of waiting in line to talk to recruiters, you will connect with them virtually through video on the Handshake platform. You will need to register here, then you can review the employers attending. Be sure to bookmark and follow the employers you are most interested in!  Following flags the employer that you are interested in their company.

Once you are registered and have identified employers of interest, sign up for group sessions and a 1:1’s. Group sessions are info sessions where employers can give a presentation and 1:1’s are for 10 minute individual chats with recruiters.

Check out the articles on this page (below) that cover what to do and how to prepare for a virtual career fair.

Do I need to register to attend the Career Fair? Plus sign

Yes. In order to participate in the Business and Communications Career Fair you must register. On September 9th, go here and register. You will receive a confirmation email from Handshake and will be able to start signing up for group sessions and 1:1’s.

Do I need a résumé since the career fair is all virtual? Plus sign

Yes! Employers will be expecting students to have a résumé uploaded to their profile for them to review. Make sure to have your résumé reviewed by your Career Center.

Newhouse Students: Attend the CDC’s Résumé and Cover Letter seminar to learn all there is to know about making a great communications résumé! Also make an appointment with a Newhouse CDC Counselor to have your document reviewed.

Whitman Students: Contact the Whitman Career Center at 315-443-4140 or

How can I give my résumé to employers? Plus sign

Students will not be able to drop-off a résumé like a traditional career fair. Instead, you will have to upload your résumé to your profile, be registered for the career fair and profile set to the “community” setting in order for employers to have access to your document.

Employers will be going to student profiles to download résumés.

What is the difference between group sessions and 1:1’s? Plus sign

Group sessions are an info session with employers. Employer will give an overview of the company and/or what they are looking for in regards to recruitment. These sessions could also focus on a specific role so be sure to read the description to make sure it is a good fit. During group sessions students will be able to interact and ask questions. You will NOT be able to share your résumé during a group session.

Group sessions are a great way to get information to prepare for a 1:1 session or to learn more about the organization. If you have registered for a 1:1, it is highly recommended that you attend the employers group session.

1:1’s are a 10 minute quick chat with the employer. Be sure to do your research ahead of time so you can be ready to pitch yourself. Employers will be able to view your résumé via your profile prior to your 1:1 session.

There are multiple group sessions I am interested in attending, but they are all at the same time? Plus sign

If you have multiple group sessions that overlap each other then you will need to prioritize which one you are most interested in and go to that one. You are able to join a group session at anytime during the designated time slot, but we recommend not attending if you will be more than 15 minutes late.

Students that are not registered for the Career Fair will not be able to join a group session or 1:1.

Why can’t I sign-up for a 1:1? Plus sign

Employers can select preferences when it comes to 1:1’s. If you aren’t able to sign-up for a 1:1 session then you don’t meet the preferences the employer has put on the session. Example: If an employer is looking to talk to Junior &/or Seniors then they will set that preference and only those students will be able to sign-up for 1:1’s. Instead, attend the recruiters group session! This is a great way to learn about the company and chat with them this way.

I’ve signed up for a 1:1 session. How do I prepare for it? Plus sign

Now it is time to do your research! You will need to be prepared to answer the question of why are you are interested in the company &/or role.

Research the company and role the recruiter is prospecting. This will help you develop specific questions for the employer. You may not get to ask all of them, but asking a few targeted questions will definitely impress!

Have your elevator pitch ready for when the recruiter asks you to tell them about yourself. Need help on your pitch? Go here to get some great tips.

Be sure to check out our Interview preparation resource page for more tips, articles, video, and handouts.

I am a freshman. Is this something I should go to? Plus sign

Absolutely! Attending the career fair is a great way to check out the employers that recruit at Syracuse University! A lot of them are regulars.

It is never too early to see what is out there and start meeting recruiters! Attend group sessions to learn more about companies! This will help you develop a target list of employer for future opportunities. Plus, developing relationships with employers now will allow you to get ahead of the game next year.


I don’t see any employers in _______ industry? Should I still attend? Plus sign

Unfortunately, there are certain communication industries that don’t recruit via career fairs, such as, television production or photography. These industry recruit by “word of mouth” and is why networking is critical in finding opportunities in these areas.

If you are a senior or graduate student attend the CDC’s Job Hunt series.

If you are a freshman, sophomore, junior attend the CDC’s How to Find an Internship seminar.

I have questions about the Career Fair. Who do I contact? Plus sign

Newhouse students can contact the Newhouse CDC at or 315-443-3270.

Whitman students can contact the Whitman Career Center at or 315-443-4140

Career counselor meeting student

Want to talk about your questions?

Set up an appointment to meet with a career counselor at the Newhouse Career Development Center.

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